Apple Butter, Made with Fresh Apples

I love all butters associated with fall. Regular butter, pumpkin butter, apple butter… especially apple butter. We make an annual trip to the National Apple Harvest Festival in Gettysburg, PA, where we consume all things apple (apple fritters, apple pie, apple sausage, apple beer…just to name a few) and load up on jars and jars of apple butter.It’s officially been fall for over a week now, and I hadn’t got my apple butter fix yet! Armed with two bags of cheap apples from Walmart (okay, this recipe would be much better with fresh, local apples), I knew I could figure this out on my own. And I did! And it is delicious! Many recipes call for applesauce to start… and while that would be easier, why not use the plentiful fruit of the season? I used a type of apple that I’d actually never heard of: Ginger Gold. They’re an excellent mix of tart and sweet, with a little snap of ginger at the end (hence the name)!  Continue reading