Postcard Art

As I’m sure I will mention in many a post, I live in a fairly small apartment, with another human being, so a lot of modifications need to be made in our space in order for it to be livable and happy.  For instance, as much as I may or may not want to indulge in that grown-up female urge to decorate the heck out of every square inch, I can’t.  So, what is the answer?  To the walls!I can cover every last bit of my wall space in all sorts of things if I want to.  Now, I don’t want to, first of all because I have minimalist inclinations, and second of all, because I’m picky.  I don’t want just any old thing that anybody is bound to have hanging up in their house, and I want to be creative to any extent that I can be creative.  And a few years ago, I discovered postcard art! My husband and I love to travel and explore new places together, so when Doug had a birthday a couple years ago, I found a set of vintage postcards from Chicago on eBay (we had taken a trip there recently), slapped them in a frame, and bam! He loved it, and now it hangs on the wall in a home we share.  Even better, the postcard set cost about three bucks.


All of this being said, this post isn’t extravagantly DIY, more of an idea I want to share.  There are postcards out there to suit every taste, and unless it’s some rare collector’s edition, they are usually dirt cheap.  Here are a couple of my favorites:From Etsy, 25 vintage English postcards for 11 bucks?  Yes please and cheerio.

(Etsy listing photo from the shop of burstsofcreativity)Postcards used to be art all on their own back in the day! Like this one, from another wonderful Etsy shop,pecanhillpostcards:


From the Victorian Era, “Love on a Balcony” is actually postmarked, 1908, sent from Danville, PA!  You can buy ‘used’ postcards, which I think is really cool.  Also, I smell wedding décor! Somebody out there needs to get on this, and then send me pictures of it.There is literally no reason why I don’t yet own the Postcards from Penguin:

The photo is courtesy of Modcloth, and while they are no longer available there, you can hop on over to amazon.comand snag the set of ONE HUNDRED for $17.49.  And while you are there, you may want to check out these:

Cant. Get over. The cuteness.Etsy and Amazon are just a few great places to start.  Also check out eBay, not to mention vintage and thrift shops in your area.  And, unlikeliest of sources, for my recent project, I bought a pack of 5 5×7 cards inspired by vintage floral postcards from Ikea for 99 cents.  You never know where inspiration will find you.

Mismatched frames are all that’s left to buy.Happy decorating!~Lauren

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