DIY Tartan and Lace Infinity Scarf Tutorial: Two Ways!

While browsing Pinterest recently I came across this lovely little jersey and lace infinity scarf, which (of course) linked directly to one of those subscription-only shopping sites. Boo.

That scarf (even without a direct link to buy) appeared to be extremely popular with my fellow pinners: it has been repinned 47 times since I pinned it myself!  I wanted one, but I thought that I could easily come up with a tutorial for something similar… and I have!Below, you can see that I came up with two different styles based on mixing jersey and lace (mine was actually rayon, oh well), which you could easily make up with some scrap fabric or some old t-shirts. I put both of them together this morning, and they didn’t take much fabric. Keep reading for a full tutorial on how to make each one, complete with pictures.   Continue reading

DIY Two-Loop Infinity Scarf (Only 3 Seams!)

Infinity scarves are everywhere you look these days, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing even more of them as the weather turns cool. I found this awesome fabric (I’ve been on a leopard print kick lately) at JoAnn’s, and was excited to get to try out the product of my handiwork during a trip to Upstate New York this past week. At temperatures of 20-60 degrees, I was more than happy to break out the scarves and boots!With this tutorial, you can make a two-loop infinity scarf from your favorite fabric with only 3 seams. That’s it! Pin and sew three times, and you’re done. Here’s what mine looks like (apologies for the selfie, courtesy of Instagram– I didn’t have another set of hands to help me with the finished pictures!):  Continue reading

DIY Pleated Bodice Wrap Dress

There’s something inherently satisfying about making something yourself, especially if you often shell out (too much) money for someone else to do it for you. Stick it to the man! Make your own clothes (at least once in a while…)!I bought a bunch of knit fabric with the intention of making a dress (or two), a maxi skirt, or a top. It took me weeks to decide on a wrap dress (ah, a classic cut that looks great on literally everyone… examples herehere, and here). It then took me about a week to find a pattern, since I’ve never used one before (except those I have drafted myself using my own clothes as guides). I found this FREE! and very simple pattern via Craftsy, by Deby Coles. The bonus of this pattern is that it comes as a series of PDFs… simply print, match up, and you’re good to go!  Continue reading

DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

Every once in a while, I plan to post really simple, quick DIY projects. This is one of them!
I had a plain, beat up, old magnet board laying around since, oh, 2005. After digging through my spice drawer(s) for 10 minutes (again), I’d decided I had enough.I’ve seen this done a TON for makeup, and thought: Why couldn’t I hot-glue magnets to the back of my spice tins? So I did. This board recently got an upgrade from metal sheet to pretty backsplash. For a super, super quick tute, see below:  Continue reading

Postcard Art

As I’m sure I will mention in many a post, I live in a fairly small apartment, with another human being, so a lot of modifications need to be made in our space in order for it to be livable and happy.  For instance, as much as I may or may not want to indulge in that grown-up female urge to decorate the heck out of every square inch, I can’t.  So, what is the answer?  To the walls!I can cover every last bit of my wall space in all sorts of things if I want to.  Now, I don’t want to, first of all because I have minimalist inclinations, and second of all, because I’m picky.  I don’t want just any old thing that anybody is bound to have hanging up in their house, and I want to be creative to any extent that I can be creative.  And a few years ago, I discovered postcard art!  Continue reading

Wine Journal with Labels (aka the second best part of the bottle)

My husband and  I really came to enjoy wine somewhere around the time we got married, almost two years ago.  We liked the fact that it was a hobby we could share, and quite easily, because what’s easier than drinking wine?  We began to learn more about it, to discuss what we liked about certain wines (bright, citrus) and what we didn’t like about others (cough medicine with alcohol in it).  Despite the high snobbery level that is associated with those who enjoy wine, there are actually very few right or wrong answers when it comes to drinking it.  Continue reading

Animal Print Clutch Tutorial (Lined, Zippered, Fold-Over)

Welcome to my first DIY tutorial post! If any steps are unclear, or you’d like more information, please ask!While browsing one of my favorite petite style blogs (ExtraPetite), I came across this clutch, and fell in love:  Continue reading

Cheese Me, Please Me

Cheese–Milk’s leap towards immortality ~ Clifton Fadiman
While the word “connoisseur” is a heavy one to throw around, I know I can safely say that I’m a cheese lover, and a cheese adventurer.  There is no cheese I will not try, and while I rarely crave chocolate and starbursts (do people crave that?), I have had many a hankering for a crystalline chunk of cheddar, or a gooey baked brie with crunchy, salty pistachios atop.  It’s just one of my go-to snacks; it’s the BFF of wine and crackers—some things I also love—and there’s so much variety at a good cheese counter, that you will never run out of things to try!  Continue reading