DIY Two-Loop Infinity Scarf (Only 3 Seams!)

Infinity scarves are everywhere you look these days, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing even more of them as the weather turns cool. I found this awesome fabric (I’ve been on a leopard print kick lately) at JoAnn’s, and was excited to get to try out the product of my handiwork during a trip to Upstate New York this past week. At temperatures of 20-60 degrees, I was more than happy to break out the scarves and boots!With this tutorial, you can make a two-loop infinity scarf from your favorite fabric with only 3 seams. That’s it! Pin and sew three times, and you’re done. Here’s what mine looks like (apologies for the selfie, courtesy of Instagram– I didn’t have another set of hands to help me with the finished pictures!): 


Let’s get started, shall we?What you’ll need:
An 18” x 60” rectangle of your favorite fabric (for me, this ended up being 1/2 yard of 60” wide fabric)
Sewing machine
Matching threadWait until you see how easy this is– you’ll be making them all season!

Step 1: Lay out your fabric and cut your 18×60” rectangle (I love my rotary cutter for jobs like this)


Step 2: Fold your fabric in half lengthwise (you will now have a 9” x 60” rectangle if you’re looking at it from above), right sides together. Sew. This is seam #1, your longest seam.

Step 3: Turn your scarf right-side out. You should now have a long fabric tube! Bring the ends of the tube together. When folded this way, you’ll have four edges of fabric to deal with: one on the bottom, two in the middle, and one on top. Pin the middle two together, and sew, being careful to keep the “top” and “bottom” edges away from where you’re sewing. This is seam #2.

Step 4: The only really tricky part of this tutorial is this: Once you’ve sewn your second seam, turn the scarf inside out again. This will take a little bit of patience, because now that seam #2 is in place, half of the scarf tube will end up insidethe other half.
Now, you’ll see that you only have 2 edges left to sew, with right sides together (notice how we always sew with right sides together, so the seams will be hidden when it’s finished).

Step 5: Pin and sew the remaining two edges together, but be sure to leave a ~2inch gap at the end (so we have room to turn the scarf right-side out again. This is seam #3!

Step 6: Once seam #3 is finished, turn the scarf right-side out through the hole you left, and hand-stitch the hole closed. You’re all done!

I’d love to hear about it if you give this tutorial a try, or if I can clarify anything to make it easier! Happy crafting!- Kaitlin

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