Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

If looking for a lower-carb, nutrient-and-protein-dense dinner, look no further. My husband came up with this adaptation based on his mom’s traditional lasagna recipe, and we’ve never looked back. If you cook the meat ahead of time, too, (BONUS) you can easily freeze this and have a quick dinner for another night down the road. This is also, obviously, gluten-free (awesome!) and can be adapted to suit whatever additional veggies or fillings you’d like to include.

Here goes!
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Cheese Me, Please Me

Cheese–Milk’s leap towards immortality ~ Clifton Fadiman
While the word “connoisseur” is a heavy one to throw around, I know I can safely say that I’m a cheese lover, and a cheese adventurer.  There is no cheese I will not try, and while I rarely crave chocolate and starbursts (do people crave that?), I have had many a hankering for a crystalline chunk of cheddar, or a gooey baked brie with crunchy, salty pistachios atop.  It’s just one of my go-to snacks; it’s the BFF of wine and crackers—some things I also love—and there’s so much variety at a good cheese counter, that you will never run out of things to try!  Continue reading