DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

Every once in a while, I plan to post really simple, quick DIY projects. This is one of them!
I had a plain, beat up, old magnet board laying around since, oh, 2005. After digging through my spice drawer(s) for 10 minutes (again), I’d decided I had enough.I’ve seen this done a TON for makeup, and thought: Why couldn’t I hot-glue magnets to the back of my spice tins? So I did. This board recently got an upgrade from metal sheet to pretty backsplash. For a super, super quick tute, see below: 
Step 1. Gather your supplies: I literally had all of this sitting around, including these adorable magnetic spice containersfrom Ikea. You’ll need:
– A metal display board (that magnets are attracted to)
– Peel-and-stick vinyl backing. I was lucky to find this at the dollar store a few years ago, but you can also find it at Walmart                               (usually used for lining drawers, etc.)

Step 2. Cut the vinyl to fit your board, with enough extra around the edges to fold around the board edges.

Step 3. Turn the board and vinyl over, and carefully apply the vinyl to the board, by pressing it flat…

…while you pull the paper backing away with your other hand.

Step 4. When you’re done, flip the whole thing back over, fold the edges up…

…and wrap the corners like a present.

Step 5. Attach the magnetic containers you’d like to use, and admire your handiwork!

This was a quick fix that added a ton of character to the stovetop, and doubled as a backsplash. The vinyl (rather than, say, paper) is durable enough that I can slide the spices around without tearing it, and I can also wipe it down with a damp cloth if it gets a little dingy….I probably should have cleared off the stove and countertop before taking this picture, but hey, I cook a lot and my kitchen is always a little messy. I’m not ashamed. ;-) Enjoy!

– Kaitlin

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