Asian Pork Tenderloin

I hate always leading off with my grocery store habits, but, on the other hand, if any of you are like me, sometimes what you cook depends on what is on sale at the store!  If you allow yourself to be versatile and experimental, you can end up making some great dishes you wouldn’t normally have cooked up, all because you decided to save some buckos at the market!

That being said, pork tenderloin was BOGO at Giant last week, and I actually don’t like pork tenderloin, but the deal was great, and I knew I could doctor it to make it yummy. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Pork Au Jus

In the early years of my culinary life, I wasn’t really one for slow-cookers, and in the early years of my whole life, the same could be said of pork.  Pork is dry, pork is flavorless, and pork chops are a poor man’s steak.  Right?Wrong!Believe it or not, pork is a unique meat that needs to be treated and cooked very differently than chicken or beef.  And when you get it right, oh how the magic does happen.  Magic like my slow cooker pork au jus.  Here’s what you need.  Continue reading